Life throws up many situations. Some pleasant, some unpleasant. Sometimes some act committed in certain situation creates problem later. Sometimes you are not at fault. But circumstances and situations make you vulnerable.Some unscrupulous force in the know of that situation tries to Blackmail you. You feel helpless, can’t share your problem with anybody and go on paying the Blackmailer, In some form or other. Either in monetary terms or in kind or some favor. You are living in fear or your life is dictated by evil blackmailer.We have also seen situations where you are in a position to share your problem with your family, but even that is not enough to get rid of problem.We offer our consultation to help you defeat the blackmailer. We guide you to deal with Blackmailer properly. We show you the path, help you walk along that path to defeat the blackmailer. You can talk or email to us in confidence. Our communication will remain secret. In case you wish to visit us personally, you are welcome to do so.

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We are a group of ethical professionals led by Mr. Deepak Deshpande wishing to help the society. Downtrodden, Back ward etc. are the words used loosely. Real suppressed persons needing help are the victims are everywhere. They belong to all section of society from Poor to Rich. They all need help, which we offer. We are based at Nagpur in Central India.

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Do not allow a crook to harass or exploit you. Live Peacefully.

DEFEAT THE BLACKMAILER. Ask us how to do it!!