About Us

We are group of ethical professionals led by Mr. Deepak Deshpande wishing to help the society. Downtrodden, Backward etc. are the words used loosely. Real suppressed persons needing help are the victims who are everywhere. They belong to all sections of society from Poor to Rich. They all need help, which we offer. We are based at Nagpur in Central India.

However we wish to make it clear that we are NOT Charitable Institute, but are a professional set up. We aim to meet the social need and assist the needy at reasonable price. However we do assist really poor free of charge but not those pretending to be poor.

What we do?

We are here to help you and offer consultancy. WE DO NOT DO NOR ADVICE YOU TO DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL. But within the framework of Legal and proper Behavior, a lot can be done to defeat the blackmailer.

What you should do?

First contact us on phone or email and explain your case in brief. Thereafter, depending upon your case, we shall inform you our consultation charge and method of payment. We shall offer not only emotional support but also practical solutions. If practicable, you are welcome to visit us after taking appointment.

Do not allow a crook to harass or exploit you. Live Peacefully.

DEFEAT THE BLACKMAILER. Ask us how to do it!!