Cases Successfully Handled by Us:

Though we could have easily given genuine references of the customers whose cases we have successfully handled; we will not do so due to our strict adherence to confidentiality of customers. But we are giving general information without disclosing the names.

Case 1:

Case 2:

In the college boy and girl had affair. Later they followed separate paths. The boy was blackmailing the girl afterwards, demanding money and other favors threatening to ‘expose’ her if she did not meet his demand. The girl approached us. After careful study of her case, we gave her consultation about what she should do. The problem was solved and girl is living happily.

A married man had an extramarital affair with a colleague in the office. Over the period, the female colleague started blackmailing him for money and various material things which were beyond his capacity. She threatened him continuously. Fed up of  this the man contacted us. He followed our advice . Over some period he was able to silence the lady and free himself completely from her clutches.

Case 3:

Case 4:

A greedy wife was threatening her Husband and in-Laws of filling complaint under section 498 A and getting them arrested unless they met her continuous and unreasonable demands. Fed up with this and having crossed their limit of tolerance, Husband and in-Laws approached us and sought our help.

We gave proper, civilized and perfectly legal advice which they followed. Nagging and blackmailing stopped and Family heaved a sigh of relief.

A Businessman was to get his outstanding amount of a few Lakhs from another person. Other person curtly told him that he is settling abroad and would not pay the Businessman his amount. Panicked Businessman approached us and took our consultation.

Following our consultation, he was able to recover his money without going to court, but in a civilized manner without adopting any improper, risky method.

Case 5:

Four Brothers had separate agriculture land for themselves after their father had made a partition of his own property. Property was at a far off place from Metropolitan city where Brother A was staying. Brother B filed a case against other Brothers demanding additional share for him from other brothers based on some silly ground. B knew that he is staying near the property and Brother A cannot come frequently to that far off place, Due to litigation Brother A was not even able to sell his property. Thus brother B was blackmailing Brother A for additional property to which B was not entitled. Brother A approached us and took our advice. Litigation is always a time consuming, energy sapping and money wasting exercise.  But if it is thrust on you by cunning opponent, you are the sufferer. Lawyers are not of much use as they cannot change court procedure nor do they have interest in quick disposal of case. Following our advice, Brother A was able to solve his problem and silence, neutralize his hostile Brother B whose nuisance was ended.

The above are only some of the many cases that we helped solve the clients.

We do not advice anything nor suggest anything wrong. Our advice is to act completely within Law.

Also do not expect that we have a magic stick with us but if you have trust and patience, problems can be solved within reasonable time not necessarily immediately in one stroke.

Do not allow a crook to harass or exploit you. Live Peacefully.

DEFEAT THE BLACKMAILER. Ask us how to do it!!